Residential LED Lighting

    Residential LED Lighting

    Lighting plays a vital role for you and your family when relaxing at home.  Allow yourself to enjoy the ambience created by clever and modern lighting choices for your home.


    Why should I choose residential LED lighting?

    Residential LED lighting is an energy-efficient solution for your home as it uses 90% less power. It’s one of the most energy-saving and environment-friendly ways to brighten your home with style and practicality.

    How should I choose residential LED lights?

    LED lights are great solutions for residential spaces. The best way to choose residential LED lighting is to consider their placement, whether indoors or outdoors, the room’s usage and the coverage area. You can create a bright working space with daylight inspired LED white lights or use warm LED lights as decorative spotlights for your home’s outdoors.

    In which rooms can LED residential lights be installed? 

    LEDs lights can be easily installed in any spatial setting. You can conveniently install them in kitchens, living areas, bathrooms and vanity areas, porches and patios, garages and storage units, and anywhere else you need illumination around the house.

    Which residential LED lighting colour is best for my home?

    Residential LED lighting is available in a range of colour temperatures, including warm whites (2,700K to 3,000K), natural whites (4000K to 5000K), and cool whites (5500K to 6500K). Each colour temperature has a different function and ambience. Depending on the room, you can decide between the colours. For example, warm whites create cosy living spaces, whereas cool whites are helpful additions to laundry, garages, or storage areas.

    Is it okay to leave my LED residential lights switched on all day?

    LEDs make great residential lights as they are safe for consumers to use all day and night long. Their long lifespans and 24/7 operational capacity enable them to be used without overheating explosions or damage, even if they aren’t switched off for long periods of time.  But we do recommend turning off LED bulbs whenever not in use.

    How long do residential LED lights last?

    As the most cost-effective residential lighting solutions in the market, LEDs are designed for longevity and durability. LED have an average life of about 35,000 hours in contrast to the 2,000-15,000 hours lifespan of traditional lights. With this lifespan, LED lights can potentially last up to 30 years!

    Are LEDs safe as residential lights for homes?

    Yes, LEDs are one of the safest home lighting options. They are hard to break and usually contain no glass, preventing cuts or injuries if dropped and broken. LEDs produce less heat and are less likely to start an electric fire. Unlike other home lights, LEDs don’t contain harmful mercury vapour.

    Can I use LEDs as ceiling lights?

    LEDs make for excelling ceiling lights for any room in the house. They are extremely easy to install, provide adequate lumination and are cost-effective even if left on. Due to their long lifespan, you won’t even have to worry about replacing or changing your ceiling lights every few months!

    Why should I choose Starco Lighting?

    For the past 45 years, Starco Lighting has been providing lighting solutions for an expansive range of projects in commercial, industrial, residential and architectural builds. With us, you can experience luminance at its best with innovative lighting products designed for your specific needs and budget.