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In 2021 Starco completed the lighting package for 5 Oscar Wiley Stores across Queensland, consisting of downlights and track lighting.

Starco was engaged to supply the lighting for Yum Cha Burleigh Waters, resulting in a sophisticated and beautiful dining environment.

Starco has worked with electricians and builders to complete many shop-fit and Housing development projects in Southeast & Greater Queensland.


LEDs are light-emitting diodes that produce light using an electric current and semiconducting material. Currently, we are using third-generation LED bulbs. They have evolved to become the go-to choice for modern lighting solutions in homes and offices. Some of the benefits of LED lights include: 

- Long lifespan 

- Energy efficient 

- Operate in cold environments 

- No heat or UV emissions 

- Flexible design options 

- Withstand frequent switching 

- Low voltage operation 

- Directional lighting

The best thing about LED lights is that they can be kept on all day and night if required. Designed for extended use and durability, LED light bulbs don’t overheat and reduce the risk of explosions, damage or accidental fires. But we do recommend switching them off whenever not in use.

LED lighting solutions are available in an expansive range of colour temperatures on the yellow to white spectrum. All these temperatures influence the mood and ambience, making it an important consideration when deciding on appropriate lights for a space. The LED colour temperatures are:

Warm white light — Ranging from 2700K to 3500K, this colour temperature induces calmness and relaxation in spaces. It’s ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and mood-lit restaurants. 

Natural white light — Ranging from 3500K to 4500K and mimics natural sunlight. This makes it a good place for any location, including basements, garages and other areas which usually don’t receive adequate natural light. 

Daylight white light — Ranging from 5000K to 6000K, they will impart a crisp and clear white light that’s ideal for garages, security lights, offices and retail spaces. 

Cool white light — Ranging between 6000K to 7000K, these bulbs make for great commercial lighting solutions for a range of industrial applications.

LEDs are the most cost-effective and long-lasting lighting solution currently available in the market. Good quality LED bulbs can last longer than 35,000 hours. This is a big contrast from the 2000-15000 hour life span of other traditional lighting solutions. 

Yes, LED lighting solutions are eco-friendly. They aren’t made of harmful toxins or chemicals, last longer and consume drastically less energy than halogen, incandescent and CFLs bulbs.

LED lights are ideal for residential lighting solutions. Whether you’re looking for lights for your bedroom, bathroom or outdoor seating area, you can easily choose the perfect LED light and temperature from Starco Lighting. We recommended warmer, softer lights in living spaces and natural whites for high-focus areas like the laundry or garage.

LEDs are the most preferred specialised lighting solutions for industrial settings. They have long lifetimes and consume less energy, making them an excellent fit for 24/7 operations, including factories and warehouses. At Starco Lighting, you can find an expansive range of industrial lighting products, including high bays, floodlights, waterproof batten lights and vandal-proof ceiling fittings.

The purpose of architectural lighting is to elevate the ambience of the spatial design or build. With professional LED lights, you can create variations in interior and exterior moods while uplifting the design by itself. Starco Lighting offers a range of architectural lighting solutions, including downlights, track lights, LED strips and LED Neon tubes. 

LED lighting solutions are great for commercial settings like offices and retail spaces. At Starco Lighting, we offer commercial lighting solutions and accessories for various settings, including panel lights, shop spotlights, downlights, and LED strips.

LEDs are functional office lighting solutions and help in improving the workplace environment. They mimic inspiring natural light, produce less heat, keep bugs away, have long lifespans, and are highly cost-effective investments. Some of the popular office lighting fittings you’ll find at Starco Lighting include flood downlights, modular downlights and panels. 

For the past 45 years, Starco Lighting has provided lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, and creative architectural projects. As a member of the Lighting Council of Australia, our experienced luminary professionals are fully invested in making sure you receive the highest-quality, compliant lighting products perfect for your spatial needs and budget.